TM.INI error – FIXED

TeleMagic Error Message on Windows 7 and above:

Network installation error: “system id not defined or blank”

I fixed this error by putting the “tm5node” folder in a secondary folder.   If the “tm5node” is in the C directory it creates errors.  If you make this a subfolder, it works fine.


C:\tm5node  <- this does NOT work

C:\tmfiles\tm5node     <- it works fine here.

This was submitted by Kevin Flynn

TeleMagic and Windows 10

There are a few issues with using TeleMagic on Windows 10. Here are some solutions found:

  • Install MS Office before you install TeleMagic.
  • For installation at a Domain Network: Log in as a domain administrator, not enough to log in as a domain User with administrator rithts.
  • For installation of a single user or workgroup: Run the installation with the option; Run as an administrator. Logging into a user that has Administrator rights isn’t enough.
  • The Wordprocessing Treeview do not display properly.
    • Disabling the HID-compliant touch screen on a Windows 10 laptop, the entire TM5 word processing list of templates will appear, as normal. This setting is in Device Manager / Human Interface Devices / HID-compliant touch screen in Windows 10. (