The large majority of 1104 / 1105 errors experienced have been network related.

“The error message indicates that the specified file is not available. There are several possible causes, but the most likely would be that the file is being locked by some other operation, or that the paths are incorrectly mapped.”

  • Check components like hubs, nic card on the server, switches. Also check to see that TCP is the only protocol running. NETBEUI & IPX have caused this problem in isolated cases.
  • In Windows 2000 environments, missing patches to Terminal Services have proven to cause this error as well.
  • This is a general Error Reading File message. You need to check the typical things (server error log, disk space, temporary files, permissions, etc). You might try copying the installation to your local system, doing a Path Update, and then seeing if you can create the problem on the local system.
  • One thing to be aware of in Win7. I’m not sure if this is all the time, but if you run something “as administrator”, it won’t pick up the drive mappings you have in place. I don’t know if that would effect this or not.
  • Could a virus scanner be running and locking the file?
  • You have a bad port on the switch.  Plug the network cable from that machine into a different port.
  • Make sure they are running from a node install. Try running some network tests, to see if there are errors occurring.
  • I had that problem with a machine in my office recently.  I replaced the network cable from the machine to the wall and its worked perfectly since then.
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