Unknown Error C0000006

This is generally caused by the Terminal Services problem for which there is a patch offered by Microsoft. This appears to be the fix that prevents corruption to the Visual Fox Pro DLL files held on the server in the \SYSTEM32\ folder. The files in question are vfp6r.dll and vfp6renu.dll.

If you are getting this error, you need to fix it and then prevent it from recurring by applying the MS patch.

The fix is to delete those files from \SYSTEM32\ and replace them with those stored within TM. To be safe you might want to rename rather than delete these files. We suggest that you perform a full backup before proceeding.

  • All users need to be out of the system
  • A Rebuild is not required.
  • Log in as a network operating system supervisor
  • Delete (or rename) vfp6r.dll and vfp6renu.dll in \SYSTEM32\ using Windows Explorer
  • Close DBUTIL.
  • Test for the error

Note that you can work around the problem by having ALL TS users log off TS & return to TS & TM. This works for a random period depending on usage of TS.

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