TeleMagic Fax driver

TeleMagic Fax Driver Install Workaround


  1. Open the Control Panel & select Printers & Faxes
  2. Add a new LOCAL printer for this PC
  3. Assign it to LPT3
  4. Select GENERIC and “Generic/Text” printer driver
  5. Name it exactly “TeleMagic Fax 35” including spaces & capitalization!!!!
  6. Select to Not Share this printer
  7. Select option to not have it the default printer
  8. Grant all users full rights to this printer

Do you have the TeleMagic Fax printer already installed, from running it locally? If not, try creating a printer called TeleMagic Fax 35, and granting full rights to everyone.

If so, and that doesn’t work, you can CAREFULLY remove the fax driver file from the tmsys.ini file, and from the programs folder. Remember, you will probably have to renumber the items in tmsys.ini, as you can’t have any gaps in the file numbers.

The two items I would start with would be FM3032.exe and FM3232d.dll. If they have already tried running TeleMagic, check the system32 folder, to make sure the fax driver files aren’t there, either.

An existing TM install has a TeleMagic folder in c:\program files\telemagic that has some fax files in it.  These do not install in W7 but you can manually copy them over.  On a 64 bit machine I’d copy them to the Program Files (x86) folder.


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  1. thanks for the post.. it is really awesome. im getting an error saying class definition not found. error 1733.

    any clue?

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