Error: 1733: Class definition TELEMAGIC.DOWNTIMEMONITOR is not found

This error has to do with the user access rights.

This generally occurs with a new PC, attempting to run TM5 for the first
time. It’s looking for DTMON.DLL in the System32 folder.


Make sure the user has Power User rights and it should work fine.

Either manually copy it into the System32 directory on the PC in question from the server or do this:

  1. Log into the local machine with administrator
  2. Run DBUTIL on the local machine and run Register System Files
  3. Exit out of DBUTIL
  4. Run TeleMagic v5
  5. Exit out of TeleMagic
  6. Log off Administrator and log in as the user
  7. Run TeleMagic v5

When all else fails install an eval copy of TM to a different directory (c:\tm5delete) once installed try running the client again.  Sometimes the eval install seems to do a better job of getting the files registered and setup correctly than copy and register system files does